Marketing Work


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Kristen Marie Parker Photography

In 2014 I began working with my wife to help build her online presence and expand her brand.  For her business needs a lot of my focus has been put into ways to expand her social media presence.  We identified her target audience, her personal brand, and focused our efforts on KPIs that would most effectively connect with people looking to hire her services.  We paid special attention to INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK ADS as well as SEO and AdWords campaigns.  We now have over 37K followers on INSTAGRAM and Kristen is booked a year in advance.  

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Fried Egg I'm In Love

During my training at GENERAL ASSEMBLY, I worked with FRIED EGG I'M IN LOVE out of Portland, OR.  I was given access to all of their social media accounts and tasked with creating a marketing plan to help expand their presence in the Portland area.  I created marketing calendars, paid social campaigns, influencer programs, UX design for site improvements, SEO, Google AdWords displays, A/B tests, content audits,  and retargeting campaigns. 

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Little Big Show - 20 

In January of 2018 I partnered with KEXP and the SEATTLE THEATRE GROUP to help put on LITTLE BIG SHOW 20 at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle, WA.  I created a targeted social media marketing campaign that used TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and INSTAGRAM to reach very specific audiences.  I focused my efforts on people who liked to get involved with non profits and charities and also loved to go see live music.  The campaign was a success and we sold out the venue which seats over 1000 people.  The event brought in over $20,000 for URBAN ARTWORKS.

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Crocodile Cafe - Aclu Benefit 

In February of 2017 I organized a benefit concert for the ACLU of Washington.  I curated the lineup, partnered with THE CROCODILE CAFE, and worked with KEXP to promote the event on-air.  I was the point of contact for all the musical acts and I also brought in guest speakers for the event.  I helped the artists cross promote the event through their social channels and created posters for the event.  The event sold out and was able to raise over $10,000 for the ACLU.

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PIckwick Music llc 

I have been a member and co-owner of PICKWICK MUSIC LLC since 2012.  I have been responsible for branding, social media marketing, creative direction, PR, content management, merchandising, & creating creative content.  We have released two full length albums and two EPs.  Our final LP, "LoveJoys", was released in July of 2017 and received and an 8.1 rating from PASTE magazine.